An Analysis of Use of Metaphors in Research

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The Chimpanzees’ Tea Party: a new metaphor for project managers

An analysis of use of metaphors in research

Submitted by: Ram Kumar Dhurkari (FPM/02/04/IT) Ankita Tandon (FPM/02/01/O)
The use of metaphor in organizational research is to highlight features of a process by way of comparing and contrasting. The metaphor provides a method to analyze parallels between the metaphor and the organization, at the same time, throwing light on the differences by way of comparing the phenomenon using different metaphors. The metaphor allows the researcher to analyze the same incident from various paradigms. Additional
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Thus the role of internal stakeholders becomes important. The metaphor does not touch upon this aspect. e. The tea party chaos can be seen as the chimpanzees’ way of displaying discomfort with the whole setup in which they have been forced to operate. Human discomfort and resistance often operates without becoming apparent. Lack of motivation, decrease in quality and quantity of work performed, non – participation in brain storming sessions, withholding information can be various ways that indicate human resistance to the status quo. The metaphor does not provide insight into this aspect. f. The metaphor provides a contrast between organization and chaos. It makes us put forth the following questions: Do we need a systematic way of functioning? Or would this chaos be successful every time? What are the circumstances under which chaos would produce better results and when would it be better to follow standardized procedures? How does an operation like prototyping, pilot project change the scenario of systematized project management?

Several research leads can be generated from the case through the use of the metaphor: • To what extent, the role of the control mechanism involved in IT projects failures? • Is it only the control mechanism or other factors like shift in technology paradigm or it’s the change in requirements of user? • Does effect of failure remain same with the
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