An Analysis of 'a Doll's House'

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A Doll’s House 1. DRAMATIC STRUCTURE ‘A Doll’s House’ is widely considered by many to be Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s magnum opus. The play is tightly structured with 3 acts that take place over a short span of three days. Each act contains just one long scene. The scenes are primarily two person scenes that are interleaved with temporary entrances and quick exits by the other characters in the play. Furthermore, the play has a strong sense of unity of action, in the sense that events in the play take place in a causal manner, where each character’s actions on inaction have a significant impact on the course of events that follow. I shall elucidate this point in a latter part of the essay. The dramatic structure of the play is…show more content…
The climactic moment of the play occurs when Torvald finally reads the letter from Krogstad. This climactic moment fully heightens the tension between Nora and Torvald. All of Nora’s worst nightmares come true as Torvald unleashes insult upon insult onto her. He shames her for being “a hypocrite, a liar – worse, worse – a criminal!” and he threatens to cut her out from the lives of their children. However, as soon as he receives the bond papers from Krogstad he goes back to his patronizing self and he presents himself as some sort of a God who’s benevolently accepted the apologies of a devotee. This moment leads nicely to the strong resolution of the play. The climactic clash between Nora and Torvald jolts Nora into facing the truth about their marriage and she immediately sees through the illusion of happiness that existed in their marriage. Nora realizes that her relationship with Torvald has never been one between a wife and her husband; instead it resembles the relationship between a child and the child’s doll. This leads to the resolving moment of the play where Nora decides that she is going to leave Torvald and her children and venture out into the world to finally live as a human being and not as someone’s plaything and by doing so she resolves the conflict between her and Torvald. 2.
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