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An Analysis of a Mosque A Mosque is the place or building serving as a place of worship which Muslims use to pray and worship Allah. The Mosque is a very important part of Muslim worship. This is because the Islam religion places great importance on prayer and worshiping Allah. All Mosques differ in appearance and size. The main factor affecting the size of a Mosque is the religious majority of the country. For example, a person is not going to find many Mosques in a country like Zimbabwe because the majority of the country’s citizens are Christian. There might of course be a few Mosques in the country…show more content…
The minaret is used only in Muslim countries because it is an obvious inconvenience to some people who are not Muslim for the call to prayer to be shouted loudly in a non-Muslim country.# Ø Dome This is meant to be a representation of the universe created by Allah. The dome helps to amplify the human voice so that the Imam’s sermon can be heard. It also helps to circulate the air; this helps especially in hot countries as it helps the people to concentrate by keeping them cool. Because the Islam religion is against any idolatry and worshipping Allah by images, there are no pictures or statues in a mosque. However, decorative patterns are used. These range from patterns made from mosaic tiles to precious stones. The patterns are not allowed to resemble any of Allah’s creation (animals and plants alike) because Islam teaches that it is not right for man to try to make any resemblance of Allah’s creation because he is the sole creator. An imam is the person chosen by the Muslim community. The imam is the person who is supposed to stand in front of the congregation (jumu’ah) and deliver a speech or sermon. The imam is not to be considered as more of a leader or any better than other Muslims. The community chooses a person who is respectable and is a good role model. A man is
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