An Analysis of a Resume

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Any professional person today will remember the day he or she wrote and sent that first resume. Looking for a job, especially in today's market, is a difficult and often scary process. From an employer's perspective, however, a resume is a very important part of making sure a company's employees are the best and most effective that can be found. A job seeker who sends such an employer a resume should therefore remember that this document is not only an indication that a job is needed. Even more than that, it is a presentation of the candidate's personality, skills, and suitability for a particular job on paper. In other words, an employer should be able to see as much as possible about the applicant simply by reading through the resume. A good resume will therefore provide a presentation that shows an employer that a person and his or her skills, talents, abilities, and knowledge are what is required for the a specific job within the company. With this in mind, the resume created by my friend Juan will be analyzed the way in which the candidate presents his career objective, sequence of information, and other content elements of the document. First, Juan's "career objective" is very vague, stating "Any job you have." On a resume, the candidate shows focus and attention to detail when the career objective is specifically stated. It should be very specific, so that the employer is ensured not only that the candidate is serious, but also that he has given some thought to his
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