An Analysis of a Website and the Effectiveness of Its Usability Standard

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Hands- Work Usability Testing Hands- Work Usability Testing Introduction Technology today plays a key role in enhancing economic and social development. The rise of internet services across different set ups has established a distinct and strong communication network, which is fundamental is all spheres of life. A website is one of the key aspects that enhance business connections between consumers and product sellers. The aspect of communication forms the basis of establishing and, coming up with a user-friendly website (Neilsen, 1999). Such is a key to passing crucial messages from one person to another. Consequently, applying user-testing techniques, and using checklists is a way of counter checking the usability and effectively of a website in terms of communicating to consumers and target audience from various places across the globe (Sullivan, 1996). This paper presents an analysis of website and the effectively of its usability standard using an average checklist. Jakob Nielsen 1)Clarity of communication The website conveys the message to its audience clearly. In this website, the author intends to give a biography of Jakob Nielsen. The website highlights his academic and business achievements, which have been acknowledged by different sources. Although the site has used brief sentences, they still communicate to the audience. In addition, the website is leading. This means that the author has led his or her audience to other sites for more information.
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