An Analysis of a Woman’s Manhood in A Doll’s House Essay

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Youth is something that is always taken for granted until death takes a toll. There are those who have either fulfilled their life goals or the ones who lived a passive life truly regret everything on their death beds. Growing up and maturing goes hand in hand. A master plot seen in Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House is maturation. Maturation is when the Protagonist faces a problem that is part of growing up, and from dealing with it, emerging into a state of adulthood. The protagonist Nora is developed throughout the play from an ignorant child to a strong willed “man” on a quest for knowledge. In the play Nora goes from her father’s home to her husband’s home. Nora’s childhood is filled with toys and Christmas trees during the winter season.…show more content…
Over the years men build themselves up to last in the real world of work or family related ways. In order to survive they have practiced different skills from childhood to adulthood in order to amount to a certain maturity level. The first step is the power of knowledge men are permitted to learn which a woman is not. As Nora learns about the struggles of life through hiding her secret from her husband her ignorance lessens. The development Nora is encountering shows how much of a man she is becoming in the relationship. Her maturity level is shown by how she handled the situation when Torvald forgave her after he has just proven how little he cared for her compared to how highly he cares the way others perceive him. She feels that doesn’t anyone “…think that we have a right to be happy simply, naturally” (Fauset 83)? However Torvald only considers his reputation as a highly respected man. Finally, Nora sees the clear lining between the difference of love and reality. For example, when children are first born they are classified into colors; boys are blue and girls are pink. At a young age boys think of the color pink as a girly color and will not wear it because they are a boy not a girl; and vice versa with girls. As kids grow older they understand there are more colors to the world than just blue and pink that can be their signature color. Before, children insisted on wearing certain colors because of the ignorance they
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