An Analysis of the Business Environments of Initech and The Coffee Bean: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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This is the result of not only technological and communication advances, but also because of an increasing focus on employee satisfaction and motivation. Hence, companies that wish to reduce employee turnover while increasing employee motivation are generally also those that see an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. When considering the business environments of Initech and the Coffee Bean, it is clear that the respective managers have vastly different ways of ensuring the effective function of business.
Peter Gibbons, an employee at Initech Corporation, for example, appears to tend towards performance in terms of achievement orientation (Kozlowski and Bell, n.d., p.7). For Peter, task completion is of primary importance. In other words, completing tasks is the basis of meaning he derives from his work. He reason for this orientation is the way in which the management of the company and its employees is set up. Peter operates from a basis of fear: Fear of being reprimanded by eight different bosses and fear of losing his job. There is therefore no meaning for Peter besides completing the tasks assigned to him. He completes them only to avoid unpleasant consequences, rather than to achieve the company's goals or to learn skills in order to advance in his work.
Since Peter's motivation is currently based only upon avoiding negative…
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