An Analysis of the Doctrine of the Blessed Trinity

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In other words, although the Trinity is not mentioned directly in Scripture, it is nonetheless revealed sequentially. Because it is a revealed truth, it cannot be said to go against reason but as the Vatican I council of the 19th century concluded: "The divine mysteries, by their very nature, so far surpass the created understanding that, even when a revelation has been given and accepted by faith, they remain covered by the veil of that same faith and wrapped, as it were, in a certain obscurity"¦." With this essential point in mind, this paper will show that the doctrine of the mystery of the Blessed Trinity contains nothing that goes against reason but yet that cannot either be fully grasped by human reason alone.
Historical Background
It is important to remember the limits of human reason with regard to the mystery of the Trinity. A relativistic approach to the Trinity, as Feinberg makes, may lead to a weakening of traditional doctrine…

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