An Analysis of the Film 'Juno'

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Puberty is a normal phase of human development. Understanding the physical changes in the body and the behaviors that are driven by newly released hormones helps young teens deal with what is happening to them. Realizing why pubescent teens act as they do can help the adults in their lives be supportive at the very least, to cope. Juno lives with her father and stepmother, Mac and Bren MacGuff, and baby stepsister, Liberty Bell. Although initially distressed by Juno's announcement of her pregnancy, her father and stepmother are determined to be supportive. The affluent couple Juno selects as adoptive parents for her baby is untraditional. Vanessa, the breadwinner, is a perfectionist who seems ill-equipped to be a warm and nurturing mother. Affable husband Mark is prepared to be the stay-at-home dad. Vanessa and Mark seem to be mismatched and it turns out they are, though not for reasons the viewer expects. Vanessa is a somewhat ridiculous character at first, but as the film progresses, we see she is actually the half of the couple taking parenthood seriously. Mark, under his charming exterior, is selfish and immature. He eventually abandons Vanessa for a life in the city where he hopes to resurrect his music career. Paulie, the father of Juno's baby, is uncertain of his role during the pregnancy. Juno's father treats him coldly, although underneath Mac realizes that Paulie was the rather hapless victim of Juno's sexual overture. Paulie's mother is likewise cold to Juno,

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