An ?Analysis of? the Impact of the Mcgill Model and the Relational Nursing Model

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Statistical analysis Data gathered helped in elaborating various constructs of the McGill model, for instance strengths. Twp survey relied on primary data from the two interview sessions with the resource family. The notes gathered during the interview sessions were content analyzed and the application of various nursing strategies investigated. Introduction The paper offers an analysis of the two interviews with the resource family. The analysis would offer a description of the motivational interview experience through the context of the McGill model of Family Assessment as well as the Rational Inquiry framework. The assessment would aim to establish the impact of the application of the two models in the two motivational interview sessions. Case study My resource family involved an adult woman known as Louiza. Louiza was a patient diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma disease. The first interview began by looking at the family situation, and the risks associated with the disease. The interview process was crucial in understanding the nature and lifestyle of the family. The sampling method reflected aspects of motivational interview questions designed to collect qualitative data. The data helped to ascertain the feelings of the subject toward the situation. The data collection exercise commenced with sending a notification alert to Louiza. The notification expressed my intention and permission to assess the health problem in the family. The notification note also requested

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