An Analysis of the Islamic Resistance Movement: Hamas Essay example

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Background: Radical Islamism in the Middle East Throughout the course of history, particularly over the last century, the Middle East has been identified as a growing source of hostility and violence due to its extensive involvement in religious conflict, ethnic rivalry, territorial dispute, and war. Poor governance, as well as the absence of an effective civil society and the lack of the rule of law, has led to the demise of several states within the region. Such instability has fostered the growth of religious extremism and brutality while insurgent groups and established terrorist organizations have converted these territories into safe havens to facilitate their radical operations. As a result, almost every country in the Middle East …show more content…
The Islamic Resistance Movement adopted its belief system from one of the darkest times in history: the Holocaust. Hamas possesses a radical Islamist ideology of blatant anti-Semitism in which it openly calls for “the killing of Jews, destroying the state of Israel and replacing Israel with a radical Islamist theocracy.” In spite of this, Hamas derives its guidelines from the Islamic religion; the movement refers to the Qur’an for its thinking, understanding and views about existence, life and humanity, inspiration, and conduct. On account of the movement’s Islamic core, Hamas invites all Muslims who share similar beliefs and judgment to join in its ranks to fulfill their religious obligation to Allah. Since Hamas is an interrelated branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a lot of overlap in the viewpoints between the two movements concerning the same key issues, as stated in article two of the charter. While the primary goal of both factions is to transform

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