An Analysis of the Israeli-Palenstinian Conflict Essay

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The thesis of this article is an examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and both the things that have prevented it from being resolved as well as potential solutions or measures directed at establishing peace. The Author’s major arguments in this article start with Israel and how they feel that they have a Biblical right to occupy the areas of the West Bank. The author then goes on to discuss how the Palestinians also feel that they have a right to this land as a birthright because they have occupied this land over time as their own. After discussing why both sides feel as if they deserve to call the land in conflict their own he discusses neither side is happy with what is going on. In this section he discusses how the Israelis…show more content…
I feel that the author makes a strong point in his next argument when discussing the Palestinian justification to land rights and their feelings surrounding this topic. The author discusses how because the Palestinians feel as if they are under occupation that they have the right to resist in a violent manner. He points out how this viewpoint and occupation has helped to create violent movements such as Hamas. In addition to this the author continues this argument by stating that this violence only breeds more violence as it creates a desire for revenge. I feel that this is a strong point because it not only addresses the mindset of Palestinians but also provides an explanation for why the violence in the area continues. The next issue of the choices faced is also a strongly supported one as is shows how various solutions would and have been seen over time. The first potential choice is to expel Palestinians but the viewpoint that has come over time is that this is not only an immoral thing to do but it would also create very negative international backlash. The second point is that over time those living in the area have come to realize that violence has created hardships that affect everyone involved and because of this maintaining occupation over an extended period will not be doable. The third, and potentially strongest point, is that by simply granting Palestinians the territories they desire it would either take away Palestinian

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