An Analysis of the Pakistani Management Style: a Review of Waheed Sons

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Management Practices Business Philosophy The business has no formal vision and mission statements. The owners of the business do not believe in taking a lot of risk or making capital investments in to the business. Waheed Sons demonstrates a typical Pakistani Seth organization culture within its ranks. Most of the decisions are taken by the owners of the business. The owner’s objective is to maximize their return on investment. They do not believe in Human Resource development. Most of the labor is hired on contractual basis. Only the sales force and finance people are permanent employees of the business. In the words of the General Manager their business Philosophy is “Customers pay cash today, take delivery tomorrow”. Overall our…show more content…
A lot of times the specs don’t match and the supplier and the manufacturers lack coordination and blame each other for the mistakes. This causes a problem for the business as they don’t book orders for not more than 2-3 months in advance and it eventually causes orders arriving late. The owners visit China on a cycle of 3-4 months and the GM visits every 6 months. Business is usually done through electronic means but visiting suppliers is very important as a lot ambiguities are cleared through face to face contact. Contracts and specifications are clearly laid down, which minimizes error. After the shipment arrives at Karachi Port, they are cleared with the help of a clearing agent. The goods are then stored at the business’s own warehouse which is a 3 story building. Goods are then forwarded up-country for sales in central and north regions. They have smaller warehouses in Lahore and Islamabad, but the goods have to be forwarded to the retailers within a few days as those warehouses lack capacity. The premises in Karachi also have a small display area where products are displayed. Waheed Sons has its own sales team which is responsible for selling to the retailers. The sale is done mostly on cash basis but credit is allowed to larger customers, which is approximately 30 days. The sales people book orders and the delivery is made later. They are also responsible for the collection of payments.

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