An Analysis of the Poem 'From the Beginning'

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From the Beginning Life. Such a simple word; so much meaning. Life. Falling, I am on the ground life attacks me with the power of ten thousand volts, stretching my skin and contorting my body, letting me breathe only to do it again. Again and again. Over and over again, life comes and grips me and twirls me around, like in a dance, and makes me believe that I can actually survive it. Then, death, darkness, and everything else rears its ugly head. I think about it because it seems that, for a second, it would not come back. But of course, it always does; the nightmare is always there, and does not care whether I am prepared to face it or not"¦ Today is better, it is not like other days when I feel like the empty void inside me. Today it is not getting bigger, like other days when it just gets bigger and swallows everything I know. It won't show it though, those other days, I won't show them to you. I will feel it and won't grow, it will sting and I will throw, I will throw my feelings in the gutter. You do matter, but telling you won't help. I am helpless, I am helpless. I am smart but it feels like I can't fight. I question myself constantly, on whether I am doing this right. And always surfacing, always present, following me around like a dark cloud, like cold rain and bitter hail, is life's shadow, my mother chastising my every move. I am afraid to fail, I am afraid to succeed and then fail. I fear most things that other may not. I fear myself, the possibility of
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