An Analysis of the Reasons for Hamlet's Tragedy

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Introduction It is often said that Hamlet is the most remarkable work by Shakespeare in his dramas. The story tells of the previous king of Denmark –old Hamlet-who has been assassinated by his brother Claudius, who has inherited the throne and married his brother’s widow Gertrude. There is also trouble from abroad—on the ramparts of the castle at Elsinore, sentinels stand guard against a foreign threat of invasion by the prince of Norway. The ghost of the murdered king appears there ,asking to be avenged .Hamlet promises to obey ,and while seeking evidence that this was really his father’s ghost and that he spoke the truth, he puts on an appearance of insanity to avoid suspicion and to plan his revenge. His madness is interpreted as…show more content…
Thinking that the King is the cause of his father’s death, Laretes leads his masses to rush into court and fights with Claudius. We see Laertes do this, but in fact, he does not love his father at all. He laughs at his father’s weakness, and hates that his father asks someone to keep watch on him. The reason behind his father’s death, does not interest him. If Laertes had been willing to learn the reason, he would know that the death of Polonius was caused by himself, for he was so keen on interfering in the conflict between Hamlet and the King. Laertes’ revenge is for is his ambitions. When he leads his masses to kill the King, he advocates them to support him as the new King. It is quite clear to say that Laertes’s revenge is divorced from the essence,because he has ulterior motives. 2.2 Fortinblas’s Abandonment to Revenge Fortinblas gives up on his revenge. In this drama we do not see the Norway prince many times. Just because of a few words from his uncle, he abandons his revenge for his father’s death. When the Dane is frightened to wait for Fortinblas’s attack for his father’s death and the lost land, Fortinblas attacks Poland. Fortinblas realizes that he has no ability to fight with Denmark, so he gives up. But what would it happened if he was willing to try his best? He absolutely abandons. Leartes and Fortinblas have their own attitude on
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