An Analysis of the Rhetorical Elements of Political Campaign Advertisements

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It is very common among the United States’ political sphere to rely heavily on T.V. commercials during election season; this is after all the most effective way to spread a message to millions of voters in order to gain their support. The presidential election of 2008 was not the exception; candidates and interest groups spent 2.6 billion dollars on advertising that year from which 2 billion were used exclusively for broadcast television (Seelye 2008.) Although the effectiveness of these advertisements is relatively small compared to the money spent on them (Liasson 2012), it is important for American voters to think critically about the information and arguments presented by these ads. An analysis of the rhetoric in four of the political …show more content…
This is a form of Ad Hominem fallacy, which is an argument directed to the personal life and character of a person rather than his reasoning (Ramage et Al. 2012) Although John McCain pertains to the wealthy socioeconomic group in the United States, that does not mean he lacks the appropriate knowledge to lead the economy of a nation in spite of the democratic candidate trying to make it appear otherwise.
The republican nominee and his staff did not withhold from exploiting informal fallacies in their broadcastings either. A great example comes from John McCain’s commercial titled “Compare”. In this commercial, McCain tries to appeal to the value of economic security by commenting on the economic policies of Barack Obama; the republican manipulates this information with different fallacies: False dilemma which is a fallacy of logos that “oversimplifies a complex issue so that only two choices appear possible” (Ramage et Al. 2012), for example, he implies that if you vote for the Democratic candidate you would get higher taxes, your income would be spread, the nation would experience new spending and small businesses would suffer while voting for John McCain would ensure your job, your income, he would freeze the nation’s
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