An Analysis of the Speech 'A Whisper of AIDS'

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A Whisper of AIDS (MLA Citation) On August 18 1992, Mary Fisher delivered the Republican National Convention Address in Houston Texas, and with her speech entitled "A Whisper of AIDS," she entered the record books for one of the top 100 most influential speeches of the 20th century. Mary Fisher was a wife, mother, Republican, and was HIV positive; and her speech brought the realities of the AIDS epidemic directly to the people in the audience. And the people in the audience were those who felt that they were the least likely to contract the disease. However, Mary Fisher's stirring speech demonstrated to everyone that AIDS was not a disease that people of a certain sexual orientation, race, or social status contracted, but a disease that threatened all human beings. It would only be fair to state that Mary Fisher was biased in her arguments in favor of lifting the "shroud of silence" that the Republican Party had put over the issue of AIDS with as she herself was HIV positive. (Fisher) But her main point in the speech was to get the audience to realize that it did not matter what color, sexual orientation, age, or political affiliation a person was; everyone was threatened by this disease. And to get her point across, she opened her speech with the shocking statement that despite all that the government has done to battle the AIDS epidemic, it is "the epidemic which is winning tonight." (Fisher) In order to make the audience feel a connection between those they
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