An Analysis of the Strategic Industry Model: Emergent Technologies

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An analysis of the case "Strategic industry Model: Emergent Technologies" Case summary The case "Strategic industry Model: Emergent Technologies" is about the company called Emergent Technologies which was considering venturing into the desktop computer market. Due to the fact that the market was already dominated by major brands from various parts of the world (), it was necessary to conduct a market research and analysis. The issue for the company was whether it would gain sufficient market share that would warrant it an entry into the global market as well as the optimal choice of strategy that it would employ. The main focus of the company was the Reseller market which involved various firms buying products from Emergent and then effectively integrating these products with other software and hardware to help in serving very specific user demands and needs. The competition analysis was carried out on a worldwide basis. The analysis revealed that there were a total of nine majpr players that represented 95 percent of the global unit sales in the entire market. Four of these were from the U.S while three were from the U.K.The remaining two were Asian. This caser therefore exemplified a practical case of the suitability of market research as well as the selection of suitable variables to be monitored for correct and coherent interpretation of the market conditions to be obtained. The need for market research Market research is noted by DJS Research Ltd (2011) as a
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