An Analysis of the Supernatural in 'Inferno' and 'The Tempest'

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11 October 2011 The Supernatural of the Inferno and the Tempest Inroduction Shakespeare's The Tempest and Dante's Inferno both exhibit supernatural situations in both pieces of literature by utilizing "different practices." It is clear from reading both pieces that the supernatural used was different because each reading explored different worlds of the paranormal. Dialogue played a great role with introducing the supernatural. This dialogue along with the symbols and metaphors clearly showed the mystic side. For instance, In Inferno, Dante the character is struggling between the supernatural forces of good and evil, which are the theme of the story. In the Tempest, It was believed that The Tempest was thought to be one of the last dramatic plays by Shakespeare, nonetheless it has been lately said to be influenced by supernatural. Later it was described as a comedy with mystical characteristics. With that said the supernatural can be classified in The Tempest and Dante's Inferno in many ways. Magic Magic played a huge part in both literature pieces when it came down the supernatural. One thing that both had in common was that as authors, they knew how to create immortal symbols that displayed their magic in the mystical world. For example, in the Tempest, the play starts with a big tempest; Prospero, who is the fair Duke of Milan, raises a storm to make the ship of his usurping brother go down into the water, nonetheless the Prospero's ship sinks and he,

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