An Analysis of the Swimmer by John Cheever

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Lea Shontay Wilks
Instructor Lisa Adams
Lit 101 Introduction to Literature (33203.201330)
26 April 2014
An Analysis of "The Swimmer" by John Cheever
Most stories can have an emotional impact on people, but once in a while certain stories can take the reader to the edge of reality. The Swimmer is a fascinating story with primary use of a setting and amazing characters that engages readers and can move them to experience life in an unfathomable way. Cheever was born May 27, 1912, in Quincy, Massachusetts, to Frederick Lincoln Cheever and Mary Liley Cheever. His father owned a shoe factory until it was lost in the Great Depression of the 1930s. His mother, an English-woman who emigrated with her parents, supported her husband and their
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In this quest At the Welchers’ house, he finds that the pool is empty, which Neddy thinks is strange. There is a for-sale sign in front of their house. Neddy tries to remember when he last heard from the Welchers. He wonders whether his memory is failing him or he has just repressed unpleasant information.
From the beginning, it’s was clear that this man Neddy Merrill wasn’t dealing with a full deck upstairs and some would say Ned was off his rocker, in addition to this silly plan of his, Ned had this predisposition to stare off into space for times on end. He would speak about his job, the wife, and his daughters in a way that left his friends confuse, who seem to know more about his situation than they were willing to speak about; of course Ned give the impression the household is find when his so call friends address events of his personal life in the past. It would seem to me that Ned life had its share of disappointments and failure even though familiar to him but yet unwelcoming. The one question I have is Neddy Merrill a low key Alcoholic going through an extended Mid-Life Crisis. Neddy seems to be living the Good life, but as the story develops you see that this is not the case. Looks to me that his neighbors seem to dislike him, his mistress has a headache and is not in the mood at all, and he seems to be forgetting many things. He also doesn’t notice the change in time. This really confused me also. I think that maybe he either has a horrible memory
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