An Analysis of the Writing Center

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Writing Center Woes 1 Running Heading: AN ANALYSIS OF THE WRITING CENTER Writing Center Woes Lesley R Taylor Moore BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Ashford University Week 6 Dr. Charles Nichols October 3, 2011 Writing Center Woes 2 When writing for school projects whether for a presentation to just too simply fulfill a requirement for the class one must utilize all avenues and resources to ensure the paper is well written and executed according to the guidelines of the school as well as the instructor. During this course, I chose to do a little research and analysis on Ashford University’s writing Center. In my reviewing of the writing center, I did find that it was…show more content…
What I recall about the center during my time there was the program was tailored to the different programs available. For instance I majored in communications and for my program the writing center was designed around that major. In looking at their website recently, I notice that their center has really evolved, it is no longer tailored to the specific programs but it has been revamped to reflect that the standard of writing styles are universal and provides more access to things that would not only assist with the basics of writing but will assist in the progress of everyday life such as resume writing, re-familiarization with writing in general. In their introduction “The Learning Studio 's mission is to maximize student potential by promoting independent learning through shared responsibility. What does this mean? It means that we won 't do your work for you, however, it does mean that we are fully committed to helping you be successful at Columbia by going over your course work with you, by helping you perfect study strategies, and by providing workshops to enhance your experiences in and out of the classroom.” ( Writing Center Woes 5 the disadvantage is that the learning center isn’t available online for self instructed students. This brings me back to my question what will set the various writing centers apart

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