An Analysis on Customer Care Strategy of Sainsbury

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1.0 Company Introduction

Sainsbury’s was founded in London in 1869 as one of the nations’ oldest retailers. It also provides a unique illustration of transformation that has occurred in retailing and in shopping and eating habits since the mid-19th century. It grew to become the largest grocery retailer in 1922, pioneered self-service retailing in the UK, and had its heyday during the 1980s. Now it is the third largest chain of supermarket in the United Kingdom with a share if the UK supermarket sector of 16.3%. The supermarket chain operates three store formats: regular Sainsbury’s store (“Main Mission”), Sainsbury’s Local and Sainsbury’s Central (convenience stores and smaller supermarkets in urban locations—“Mixed Mission”) and
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Sainsbury offers delivery service to customers and Sainsbury provides a search engine in its website to help customers to find the nearest store.

8. Sainsbury should give continuously analyses methods and procedures for improved efficiency.
Sainsbury reduces its delivery time and time to supply new goods. Sainsbury has fax and website address to connect with customers. The employees are all trained and professional enough to serve the customers. Sainsbury makes sure that its customers know the standards of service in the stores.

9. Sainsbury should manage an effective communication
Sainsbury develops a communication strategy that informs all information and provides channels to feedback. Sainsbury trains its employees to develop skills for successful interpersonal communication to introduce goods to customers. Sainsbury uses handbooks to advertise and inform customers’ about special events. Sainsbury puts clear signs to inform customers about the classification of all goods.

4.0 Sainsbury’s standards in details

*Sainsbury’s employees should be passionate about working in a customer-facing environment
*Sainsbury’s training divided into 4 steps:①basic introduction to Sainsbury’s ②introduce to employees their role and all the basics they need to know to work productively and safely ③develop employees to grow in their role and deliver to the required

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