An Analytical Comparison Between England And Florida 's Child Protection

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“What could your agency do differently?” Answer this question referring to specific service delivery issues drawing on good practice from, at least, another part of the world.
This assignment will begin by defining child protection. This will lead to an analytical comparison between England and Florida’s child protection approaches, structure of the system and possible practice issues. This will include will include relevant legislation and policies. Following this suggestions on the improvement of provisions and services will be made in accordance to the above findings. Child protection has been chosen for the focus of this assignment as this is a service that has been highlighted as an area that needs improvement within England. The House of Commons Education Committee (2012) and Eastman (2014) both note that serious improvements are needed within England’s child protection services. England and Florida share similar welfare states and benefits systems. Both England and Florida focus on encouraging the able to work, localisation, a fairer benefit system, reduction in the levels of welfare dependency, poverty, worklesssness and fraud (Centre for Policy Studies 2007, Department for Work and Pensions et al 2013, Department for Work and Pensions and Duncan Smith, I 2014). Florida was known as having the worst child protection services of all fifty two states in the United States of America. In recent years Florida has reformed the child protection services within the state,…
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