An Analytical Review Of The Current Literature

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The main objective of this assignment was to conduct an analytical review of the current literature, which involved a comprehensive view of the article’s strengths and weakness towards higher education in the country of Argentina and Finland. After, reading the article I found several interesting procedures implemented in each countries approach in fully meeting their own individual expectations. Strengths of the Article: The article takes an in-depth view of the history of the two countries, and how impactful the social role as been in shaping higher education institutions. Yet, both countries have the best educational system in the world, it’s hard to imagine why the social role would shape the perception of these two countries. Although, both countries tend to mirror each other from a functionally approach such as; government funding, to free education for all its citizens. Despite, the glaring similarities between both countries, the author did a good job pointing out some of the vast differences between the two in the article. Therefore, the article highlighted a few concerns each country shared with the evaluation process at higher education institutions. I thought it was interesting that both countries take a totally different approach as it relates to the evaluation process in Argentina and Finland. The author also mentioned the distrust factor the Argentina has with the government concerning higher education. However, I the article surprised me
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