An Angel Investor with an Agenda

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Dilemma Faced

In this case study, Gloria Londono, a health care entrepreneur and owner of several eldercare centres, Calidad de Vida as it is called, has a cloud of dilemmas hovering on her mind. Victor Serna, an angel investor, has offered her three million euros as an investment in her company. However, Victor does not prefer franchising and had informed Gloria that he would rather she open up new centres with direct ownership and control. On top of that, he is demanding for a twenty-five per cent stake, a board seat with voting rights on all strategic decisions and the option of liquidating his position in the short term future of five years either through a public offering or a sale. Given this option of more funding, as such, the
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Based on Gloria’s discussion with Daniel, as they share the same deontological approach, they both have a duty to bring the company to greater success and understand that the three million euros will come in handy if they decide to go ahead with the accelerated growth strategy. It may also seem that by taking the three million euros is consistent with a utilitarian’s view, it is imperative that Gloria engages Victor in conversation to establish his values and the reasons for him to invest in her company. If Victor does not share the same ethical perspectives as her and should their values differ, the vision that she has for the company may not materialize. Furthermore, there are many angel investors around in the market and Victor is not the only one option that she has. She should search for other investors and select the one that has the same values as her.

One of her core values is transparency, which equates to there are no hidden information and all information is readily available for everyone. Therefore, with this in mind, Gloria should talk to the rest of her staff and board members to inform them of the buy in offer made by Victor and learn more about their views concerning this issue and what is their take in the direction that the company should follow.

When she paid a visit to one of the franchised

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