An Ant Army Short Story

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Ant Army By Elijah Leonard “What if they can talk?” ask the humans. “What if they are smart?” ask the humans. “What if they took over the world?” ask the humans. Well, now’s our chance. I am Gerald, an ant that lives in a human family’s backyard, along with my own family. I have two best friends: Margaret and Antony. Margaret is supposed to be the smart one. She always has a plan and she has all A’s in all her classes at the insect school. Antony is the silly one. He always has a joke, even in terrible situations. Even his name is a joke: ANTony, get it? It is 5:00 in the morning and we are all ready to start the day. We live in an ant pile with about 800,000 ants in it. All of us have one problem with the humans: they keep trying to destroy their home. The humans always think that all they are just helping themselves, but we just build the pile back up. Usually, we wait about four hours for one of the humans to come to our home. This time they gave us time to plan. “How about every time the humans are about to come, we crawl out far away from our pile,” says Margaret, “and when they see that we aren’t in the pile, they will think we abandoned it, so they will leave us alone.” “But the humans and their world are so big, that it will take us forever to get back to our home,” I say, “and besides, do you think they won’t notice a colony of over 800,000 ants crawling away from their home?” “Good point,” says Margaret. “Oh shoot,” cries Antony, “they’re here.” The kids come
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