An Anti-Abortion Discussion Essay

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An Anti-Abortion Discussion A woman walks into an abortion clinic one day and has a partial birth abortion. She walks out a few hours later, child-ridden, drugged up on painkillers, and maybe a little tired. The baby was killed and disposed of. Meanwhile another female (or male if you wish) stabbed an old man (or woman) to death for no apparent reason. What is the difference? Besides the age of the two victims, essentially, there is none. Two innocent human beings were killed. The killing of innocent …show more content…
Its brains are then sucked out from the back of its head. And yes, babies do feel pain. Asking a question so inane is ridiculous. In fact it is just nine weeks into the pregnancy that and unborn child can feel pain. This is after they have already developed a beating heat, a stomach, a liver, kidneys, fingerprints, and a brain that sends waves. Unfortunately about seven hundred and seventy-two thousand eight hundred abortions are done after this point in the United States of America. Being just eleven weeks into the pregnancy the baby has developed all functioning organs, it breaths (fluid), swallows, digests, sleeps, dreams, wakes, tastes, hears, and feels pain. Sorry to say, but about seventy-seven thousand babies are aborted at this age or older. In fact, nearly forty babies a day are killed after the mother has gone through five or more months of pregnancy. Abortions were legalized with the proposition that it would decrease the rate of child abuse because people thought that it was because the babies were unwanted that they were being aborted. However, this proposition has not shown it way through yet considering child abuses increased by one thousand percent since legalization. Maybe if the results of abortion were more widely discussed then it might change the way people think and feel about
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