An Anti Narcotics Day From Middle School

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Colors have always inspired me. While in primary school, I started painting the models of heart, brain and different human body parts for various competitions. My teachers would display the diagrammatically solved answers of my biology tests to the whole class. On an anti-narcotics day back in middle school, I participated in a painting competition. While searching on documentaries for actual drug addicts, their hollowness struck my tender emotions so much that I perfectly portrayed their dispositions, devoid of all color, on the canvass. This grave representation resulted in my getting the first prize. It was only in the absence of colors, that I realized their importance. Believing colors to be synonymous with life, I developed a strong passion for blending colors into the lives of people suspended in the grey monotony of poverty, helplessness and miseries, by helping them at the best of my abilities. Then I realized that medicine provides me that opportunity, as it is not only a mean of livelihood but an actual platform for serving humanity. After my high school, with a strong determination and background desires as the motivation behind me, I stepped into medical school at Punjab Medical College. Time in medical school was of profound personal, emotional and intellectual growth and led me on to become mature in my thinking and ways. Medical courses solidified my intense interest in patient care and management skills. In order to cope with exhaustive scholarly pursuits
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