An Anti Racist, Feminist, Social Justice And Diversity Of Multiculturalism

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The purpose of an anti-racist, feminist, environmental, social justice activist, children’s advocacy and international development agencies are to raise awareness about racial oppressions, social justice and its relevance to society, and to encourage multiculturalism and to spread anti-racism around the world. As the time change, so does these movements and in the twenty-first century so do their methods to spread awareness on racial oppression, social justice and diversity of multiculturalism. Social movements bring awareness to racial oppression by either protesting or by creating videos of interviews or creating scenes talking about the racial oppression. The goals of bring awareness to any issue is to catch the eye of mainstream media…show more content…
Multiculturalism promotes the understanding respect, and acceptance of cultural diversity within our society, anti-racism works to eliminate racism through rebuilding institutional polices and customs, both multiculturalism and anti-racism each are on different paths but both work for the same goals, multiculturalism wishes to teach people of other cultures while anti-racism changes the way people see each other and the system which projects these views of race. Social movements are the key to progressive change that ensure that the way things are can change for the better and make the world a better place and all it requires the support of people and to join together and help people across the world Racial oppression is clearly categorized by race, social class and sexual preferences to bring awareness of this issue of racial oppression a number of groups arise to address the problems and the do so by using social medias. “Alternative means of engaging the wider communities is where social media comes in, social media has become the key method of mobilising students through events and pages shared through facebook and twitter” (Latham, 2014) The means to combat racial oppression was either through educating the people of the situations of other people whose voices would never be heard before. Toronto star reporter Patty Winsa has noted that
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