An Anti-Violence Action Project: The Rape by Lara Mathis

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Taking action to support a cause you believe in is a very noble and heart-warming action to be a part of. Not only taking action, but taking action in your own community where you can see the potential results of your deeds. It isn’t easy to take action and try and create an impact, but it is rewarding and worth every second. This is true especially when it comes to taking action against gender violence. Being a woman has led to gender violence having a huge impact on my life as well as the other women I know, along with the rest of the women in the world. Gender violence is one of the biggest hindrances to our society and taking any action big or small is a step towards ending gender violence. Within this essay I will explain the action I took against gender violence in my community as well as how I was inspired through educational texts to do this action in the first place. The action that I took for this Anti-Violence Action Project was a combination of a video and a poster. I worked with a partner, Morgan Hines-Munson, to accomplish our action. First of all, we read the poem “The Rape” by Lara Mathis. The poem is a very heart wrenching and influential poem that brings to the surface the real effects of rape on women through personal experience. We recorded the two of us reciting the poem and uploaded it on to Youtube, which millions of people around the world have access too. If just a few people stumble across our video and were impacted by the video and took the

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