An Appeal For Accommodating A Variety Of Learning Styles

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This report, entitled “An Appeal for Accommodating a Variety of Learning Styles in Workplace Training”, was prepared to analyze and discuss learning styles as they are present in workplace training materials and routines. Additionally, the report will endeavour to discuss the efficacy of integrating learning styles into educational materials. The report presents and utilizes Neil Fleming’s VARK model of learning styles as a basis for the discussion. In an attempt to present a case for extending the inclusion of learning styles in educational materials, the report cites a number of case studies which affirm correlations between improved performance and acknowledgement of learning styles. Following the former discussion, the report continues…show more content…
1.0 Introduction In the field of cognitive psychology, it is generally accepted that people approach problem solving and decision making in significantly different way. (Robertson, 1985, p. 19) Conversely, it is often contested that these differences are definite to the degree that they can be modeled. (Logan & Thomas, 2002, p. 29) Furthermore, among those who believe these differences in cognition can be modeled, there are further divergences as to how these differences ought to be modelled. Moreover, there are those who seek to understand the impact of these learning styles on individual’s academic performance. (PD , Week 3) In 2004, Coffield et al presented a list of some of the predominant learning style models. The aforementioned list featured an impressive number of learning style theories, displaying the vastness and disparity of the research being done in the field. While there is still no consensus on the appropriate model for learning styles, it is generally accepted that appealing to an individual 's learning style, in almost all models, aids in the individual 's consumption and retention of educational material. (Fleming, 1995, pg. 1) 2.0 Learning Styles in Education and Workplace Training As explained prior in the report, it is accepted that appealing to an individual 's learning style aids in their ability to consume and appreciate educational material. (Fleming, 1995, pg. 1) The former is extremely
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