An Appeal For Accommodating A Variety Of Learning Styles

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This report, entitled “An Appeal for Accommodating a Variety of Learning Styles in Workplace Training”, was prepared to analyze and discuss learning styles as they are present in workplace training materials and routines. Additionally, the report will endeavour to discuss the efficacy of integrating learning styles into educational materials. The report presents and utilizes Neil Fleming’s VARK model of learning styles as a basis for the discussion. In an attempt to present a case for extending the inclusion of learning styles in educational materials, the report cites a number of case studies which affirm correlations between improved performance and acknowledgement of learning styles. Following the former discussion, the report continues by evaluating the perceived incorporation of various learning styles in workplace training routines by current employees. In addition to the opinions of my co-workers, I will also present a personal account of my experiences with the training materials and routines provided by my employer.
As I present through my own experiences and the aggregated opinions of my co-workers, it is concluded that my current workplace fails to adequately appeal to all of the learning styles defined in Fleming’s VARK model. As a result of the former, some sections of the current workplace training routines are ineffective as educational tools. The report summates by recommending that employers be mandated to take an online course designed to indoctrinate…
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