An Appeal for Time Extension

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Opportunity assessment: An appeal for a time extension A full opportunity assessment is essential for a company to take full advantage of the current economic situation and I am proud to have been given the responsibility to perform the assessment for our organization and present the results. This opportunity assessment is designed to first assess the technical and financial capabilities of the organization; its intellectual capital; its technical and human resources. Secondly, it will engage in a market assessment of the general economic environment, projecting where the economy is heading within the next few years in the short term and in the next several decades over the long term. Effective opportunity assessments draw upon a wide variety of resources and require a full environmental scan of the organization's present, past, and future and as well as existing market conditions. As such, it is imperative that I have additional time and resources to ensure that the results are accurate and useful to the company. I understand why it was required to move up the date of the presentation of the opportunity assessment, given scheduling changes. Waiting two more months will not allow the company to take advantage of the current project's timelines and next month will be entirely devoted to a presentation of the company audit. However, given the recent and unforeseen nature of switching the meeting to early next week, I am less than one-half complete with the assessment
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