An Application For Cbu 's Nurse Practitioner

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Former U.S. Representative for Texas, Solomon Ortiz, once stated “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” For my capstone project, my team and I chose to develop an application for CBU’s School of Nursing. Our capstone project attempts to prove Ortiz correct by providing CBU’s Nurse Practitioner students with an educational application that prepares them for success in their health care environment and providing CBU’s Nurse Practitioner professors with the tools to make lasting impacts on their students. To make the utmost impact, our capstone team began by carefully eliciting the requirements from the head professors of CBU’s Nurse Practitioner program. After elicitation…show more content…
Moreover, the social skills obtained from our application enable CBU’s Nurse Practitioners to have a positive impact for God’s Kingdom through the connections and interactions they have with patients and hospital colleagues. They are provided the chance to live out and share the gospel.
In a global context, our capstone project will also have a social impact by providing any university with real-life experience for their students. Students will have the chance to enter their work environment with more preparation and comfort. They will also be able to receive feedback from their patients so that they can improve upon their interactions with patients. Ultimately, this will lead to higher satisfaction for patients and hospitals. Our project can provide the health care system with more satisfaction among patients and improved analytical skills among Nurse Practitioners. Our capstone project also has a major economic impact on the local community and in a global context. In the local community, we are providing free software for CBU’s Nurse Practitioner professors and students to utilize. From prior research for developing our capstone project, we discovered that the hospital simulation software can range anywhere between four hundred dollars per individual to upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. The pricing of reliable and effective hospital simulation software makes for challenging

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