An Application Project I Found Myself Struggling At First

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When trying to decide what I would focus on for an Applied Project I found myself struggling at first. I was concerned that the needs of my classroom, due to my current situation, might not meet the criteria of the project. I started a new position this school year at The Collaborative School (a special-purpose private school), a division of the nonprofit Maine Special Education/Mental Health Collaborative (MSE/MHC). The school provides day treatment services for children in grades K-12 who have been referred through the IEP process conducted by the student’s home school district. This year I took the position teaching in the middle school program working primarily with 7th and 8th grade students. I would have a caseload of 11 students with the help and support of 6 Behavioral Health Professionals and a full-time social worker. Coming from a public school day treatment program I had a similar caseload with 1 fulltime and 1 part-time Ed Tech and a part-time social worker. Initially the number of supports and program structure seemed like a dream come true. I assumed I would have more time to focus on teaching and supporting the learning of my students. I learned quickly that a multi-level, self-contained, special education class that is part of a special-purpose private school doesn’t run like a typical special education classroom. Before I begin discussing my project I’d like to provide a brief explanation of what programming at the Collaborative School is like. My
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