An Application for Scholarship

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As human beings, we go through heart wrenching, painful experiences. Part of this pain is caused by loss; people die, we lose our health, we have financial pressure. Despite these excruciating experiences, many people decide to go on and make something of their lives. I believe I am such a person. Although I have experienced many terrible losses as a result of death and illness, I have pushed past the physical and emotional pain to achieve where I am today, and I believe I can continue doing so. Because of this quality, I excel at the sports, charities, and academic work I am involved in. My name is Jessica Marie Tramp. From my senior year at Chugiak High School, I plan to attend Northern Arizona University. I am applying for this scholarship in the hope that the ways in which I have grown as a human being and a student will be an asset to the any institution that accepts me for study. I have become a well-rounded mature person as a result of my experiences, as I hope the following brief history will show. I have competed in several sports, including flag football in my freshman year, as well as basketball and softball for the past four years. I have suffered injuries such as a torn muscle in my shoulder and a hip injury, which caused me a great deal of pain. Even the doctors and physical therapists who worked with me could not believe the level of pain I was dealing with while I continued to participate in my sports. I…
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