An Appraisal Of Effects Of Music Therapy On Labour Pain And Anxiety

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An Appraisal of Effects of Music Therapy on Labour Pain and Anxiety in Taiwanese
First-time Mothers
Carolina Escobar-Carter
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University

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Carolina Escobar-Carter
This study was conducted to examine the impact that music has on primiparous women and their pain and anxiety during labor. It was hypothesized that music therapy would produce more favorable outcomes in reducing pain and anxiety compared to standard care without music therapy. The women were chosen from a convenience sample at two hospitals in southern Taiwan with criteria that included: primiparous women with a normal pregnancy, carrying to term, planning to deliver vaginally, and planning a natural birth without the use of analgesics to relieve pain. Women were excluded if they received an epidural and if a caesarean section was performed. Out of an original 103 women recruited, 43 women were excluded or dropped out due to caesareans, epidurals, or abnormal circumstances, and a total of 60 participants were included in this study. The average age of participants was 27.12 and all were first-time mothers. The sample size was determined by Analysis of covariance which estimated 26 participants for each group (Liu, Chang, & Chen, 2009, p. 1067).
Women that met the inclusion criteria and that were approximately 2-4 cm dilated were

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