An Approach of Energy Efficient and Secure Data Transfer Using Multicast Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks

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A Wireless network is a type of computer network that uses wireless data connections for connecting network nodes. It is a method for homes, telecommunication networks, business, and enterprise to avoid a costly process of cables into a buildings or connection between various equipment’s locations. And each device can communicate with another node immediately within their radio range or one which outside the range using wireless links. One type of wireless networks called ad-hoc networks. An ad-hoc networks have become increasingly relevant in recent year due to their potential applications in battlefield, military, and emergency disaster relief etc.,. It is a self-configuring network. And it consists of collection of autonomous mobile…show more content…
Multicasting in wired and wireless networks has been advantageous and used as a vital technology in many applications such as audio and video conferencing, corporate communications, collaborative and groupware applications, distance earning, stock quotes, distribution of software news etc., In wireless two popular multicast schemes: shortest past multicast and core based tree. The shortest path multicast tree always select the shortest path from every source to every destination and source node need to build a root tree as itself. Hence, in core based multicast tree, shortest path from the source node to the destination node cannot be guaranteed, but only one tree would be needed to connect the set of the source nodes to a set of the receiver nodes. And many MANET has limited energy resources (battery), and each node operates in unattended manner. So energy efficient is an import design consideration for these networks. So we proposed energy efficient paper using multicast routing protocol according to distance from source to destination in a network. Security is a more sensitive issue in MANETs than any other networks due to lack of infrastructure and the broadcast nature of the network. While MANETs can be quickly set up as needed, so they also need secure data transfer over the network. We provide encryption and decryption algorithm using Rijndael (AES) block cipher. It helps the message to secure

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