An Approach to the Regional Neoliberal Governance in Southern Africa from a Critical Perspective

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''An approach to the regional neoliberal governance in Southern Africa from a critical perspective.'' In order to examine the possible implications of neoliberalism in contemporary Africa, an analysis based on a regional dimension is important. The multiplicity of strategies and methods of governance in a specific regional context can appear merging, mingling or even clashing, since regions can be understood as political and social projects, where different actors act in favour of the maintenance, protection or transformation of prevalent structures. In that way, according to Söderbaum, ''regions can be disrupted from within and from without by the same forces that build them up''. (Söderbaum 2004a, p. 421). The process of economic…show more content…
(Ibid: p. 433) The problems that arise from the expansion of the neoliberal policies, as a core element of the attempted regional governance and regional integration, become more obvious if we focus on concrete cases from the region. Taking in consideration the limited scope of the essay, I will refer to problems that have arosen in the case of South Africa and its foreign and domestic policies in connection to economic development and integartion of the southern african region. Domestically, South Africa was aiming at reducing state expenditure, at privitizations and the liberalization of trade and capital. Under the GEAR, since 1996, neoliberalism became the leading force in its economy, while the country appeared willingfull to dominate in the region's economic and political spheres, by establishing a market for its expanding economy, rather than being involved at the assistance of other continental countries. Contradicting the main assumption of neoliberal regional governance, ''South Africa’s economic interests are served by a political strategy that is engineered to pry open markets, and to pave the way for establishing footholds in different economic sectors, especially if this will result in muscular corporate penetration.'' (Alden & Le Pere, p. 159). The country managed to rapidly expand its economy through exports of products and capital, to the rest of the continent. This resulted at ‘South Africa Inc.’ as

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