An Appropriate Os For Your Business Is Its Popularity

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Another factor to be considered before choosing an appropriate OS for your business is its popularity. The question is: which one is more widely used and taught so that firms can reduce training cost? According to the “National Center for Education Statistics 2008 report” at, Windows XP held about 84 percent of U.S schools instructional computers, Mac OS 10 held about 31 percent, and other OS held about 2%. (Some schools reported more than one system used) The September 2015 report from also shows that Windows had a dominating 90.53 percent of overall reported market share; Mac had 7.72 percent; and Linux only 1.74 percent. In addition, the “Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report” from January to June 2015 shows that 41.66 percent of requests to Wiki Servers were from Windows devices, 35.84 percent from Apple devices (only 5.4 percent from Mac devices), and 16.36 percent from Linux devices. Figure 2 shows that Windows holds a greater market share in both personal and instructional computers. According to this analyst, it may be reasonable for firms to consider having Windows computers. The reason is, majority of computer users, including students, were trained to use the Windows OS. Thus, they can reduce the costs for training when hiring new employees. Figure 2 Windows has a larger Market Share in both personal and educational computers RELIABILITY AND SECURITY Last but not least, you need to consider the reliability and security of

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