An Appropriate Project Delivery System

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An appropriate project delivery method can enhance the probability of meeting project goals and objectives, significantly increasing its efficiency (Touran, et al. 2011) (Luu, Ng and Chen 2005) (Rwelamila and Meyer 1999). Gordon (Gordon 1994) states that the selection of more efficient contracting methods could reduce project cost by an average of 5%. In a survey by The Charted Institute of Building (CIOB), a whooping majority of 87% believe that proper selection of project delivery system is synonymous with a successful project (The Chartered Institute of Building 2010). While there is no standard solution for all projects and thus there is no single project delivery system best suited for all projects (Masterman 2003), for a particular…show more content…
The owner agencies shall need to recognize that in providing flexibility to contractors through some of the new approaches, they are sacrificing some control. Traditional Method The traditional project delivery method employed for highway construction has been DBB (Design-Bid-Built) delivery. In Design-Bid-Build delivery method, the design and construction occur in sequence with solicitation steps for each (The Construction Management Association of America, 2012). Under this traditional approach, the design documents are first completed and the construction contract is awarded to a qualified bidder with the lowest price. The design and contractor selection is thus simplified. Here, the design and engineering firms are contracted separately. After the designs and specifications are completed, bid solicitation for construction follows. As with detailed designs available, firm costs can usually be established. Payment for construction is also done item wise as generally, unit price for each item is established. The specifications here are largely method based and the role of the owner agency is mostly that of inspection and administration. In general the benefits of Design-bid-Build delivery system are:  Competitive bidding due to large number of bidders  Simple process  Reduced potential for corruption  Risks and rewards
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