An Architecture Monument : The Roman Colosseum

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Marianne Santos
Architectural History 1
5 November 2016
An Architecture Monument:The Roman Colosseum
Therewas so many famous monuments of the ancient worldthat we studied in class but none other will leave me an impression quite like the Colosseum in Rome.The Roman Coliseum was a masterpiece and a manifestation of the advance of ancient Roman architecture. In addition, the Roman Colosseum was a cultural center that attracted people from different parts of Rome and the Mediterranean. In fact, The Coliseum was a cultural center of the ancient world that made it important from the artistic and cultural point of view. Colosseum was the entertainment center and one of the most important architectural works of ancient Rome because it played an important cultural, social and political role in Rome. Colosseum was a truly colossal work of Ancient architecture because architects were able to create the magnificent monument using resources and technologies available to the ancient Romans at that time in the history. At the same time, the Colosseum represent not only the technological achievements of the ancient Romans, but also the cultural traditions, norms and standards of ancient Roman society.
The Coliseum was an epic building, full of historical moments on its walls, which construction began during Vespasian 's rule and was carried out under the government of his son, Tito, who honored his father in arranging the games at the Coliseum, the largest amphitheater in the Roman…

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