An Argument For The Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty has become one of the more controversial discussions in America. There are two different perspectives when it comes to this controversial subject, the pros and the cons; people in America are either against the death penalty or for it. The common saying “treat others how you wanted to be treated” plays a vital part. I truly believe if a person is big enough to kill someone on purpose and take away not only a family member but a life as well, they are big enough to face death themselves. It is important to understand that, a person who kills an innocent human being for whatever reasons there are, is taking a life. The death penalty should continue in today’s society because of three important reasons; decreasing the…show more content…
Seeing that the highest execution rate in 1999 was totaled to be 98 executions, the number has dramatically decreased to 35 in 2013; including only 32 states that are still death penalty states, and 18 non-death penalty states (“Facts About” 1). Majority of the race victims in the death penalty cases are white with 76 percent, the blacks are next with 15 percent, and then Hispanics with seven percent (“Facts About” 1). Race plays a large role when it comes to the death penalty. Being a certain color can in fact either save your life or end it. According to a comprehensive study of the death penalty prepared in North Carolina; “the odds of receiving a death sentence rose by 3.5 times among those defendants whose victims were white” (“Facts About” 2). Another study done in California establishes that those who murdered Caucasian people are three times more expected to be sentenced to the death execution than those who killed black people, and are over four times more likely than those who killed Latinos (“Facts About” 2). Location can affect the amount of executions as well. Out of the South, West, North, and East; the South has the highest murder rate and is accountable for 80 percent of the executions today. While the Northeast has the lowest murder rate and has less than one percent of the executions (“Facts About” 3 ). “Americans spend $60 billion a year to imprison 2.2 million

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