An Argument Of Humanity, Justice, Horror, Duty, Mercy, Hope

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“All Great things are simple and many can be expressed in simple words: freedom, justice, horror, duty, mercy, hope.”-Winston Churchill. The film is persuasive in the argument of humanity, in its relation to morality. The question of morality is the question of virtue or in this case the fight between good and evil, also know as yin and yang.
The usage of colours black, white, brown, blue, green, yellow, and red, stand alone are to effective describe good or evil, yin or yang. The colours are also mixed to show the coexisting harmony of the colours together can bring about a heightened form of destruction or form of good. For much of the film the colour red is used to symbolize anger, fury, destruction, and death. The first usage of the colour is with the branding iron, with the mark of Immortan Joe. The significance of the branding iron is linked with the feeling of a cage/imprisonment, a mark of enslavement/ownership. This stance is more emphasised by the wives as they yell at nux that they are no more than breeders and battle fodder for an old man. Red is also symbolized as light and warmth in regards to one of the wives, Capable. The colour blue is used to symbolize peace, healing, knowledge, life, quite, grievance, and night. The first time the colour is used is in the form of “night” after the death of Angharad, the world is drenched in blue except for the four wives, that are shown in colour with benefit of light. The colour is also shown translucently in water. The

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