An Argument Of The Supreme Court

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The purpose of this research is to rationalize an amendment to the Constitution of the United States forcing Supreme Court Justices into a medical review to determine if the Justices are physically and mentally able to continue to serve their tenure. The focus is to create a half way point between two opinions in the very controversial subject of the Supreme Court Justices tenure. As the Judicial Branch becomes more active, citizens have questioned the rationale of justices serving for life, while others maintain that there is no need for change. The middle ground purposed is the establishment of a medical review of the justices and the hard part is establishing when they are medically unfit to serve. Considering the Constitutional purpose of the Supreme Court the research will compare other tenure practices of other countries and offer a reasonable medical review process.
The Supreme Court was established by the ratification of the United States Constitution, in 1788, as a branch of the government intended to interpret the constitution and a symbol of justice. The rationale behind this was to have an institution to hold the Executive and Legislative branches to their Constitutional constraints, while the other branches enjoy their own means of checking this power.
Congressional check of Supreme Courts power is highlighted in Article III, Section I of the United States Constitution, “The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in…

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