An Argument Of The View ' Morality Is Objective

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An argument of the view “Morality is Objective” According to the definition from dictionary, Objective Morality is the idea that a certain system of ethics or set of moral judgments is not just true according to a person 's subjective opinion, but factually true.(1) As far as I am concerned, I agree that Morality is objective. Because if people want to avoid certain behavior is morally idea at one point,we should accept and believe the morality which has correct moral purpose and action is independent of society. This leads us to believe these actions are immoral. I believe the moral purpose, but there does not mean you have all the answers to moral dilemmas.(2)(Manny Rutinel, 2014). It just means that you believe in, whether you know it, however, is not a moral dilemma or the correct answer. Also, if you believe morality is subjective and there is no such thing as a moral progression or regression. Moral progress and regression is when we either close or proper moral conduct further we get from it, it only exists if we believe that morality is the goal. If morality is subjective and these attributes are not as action exists in this society is moral or immoral, and therefore have made no progress. Moral change in a society still occur if you think the moral subjectivity, but it is not applicable to the word progress or retrogression. However, advocate moral relativism, when different cultures or personal conflict of fundamental ethical principles, we have no…

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