An Argument against Cloning

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Against Cloning Introduction The recent past has seen successful research on cloning. Cloning is the asexual reproduction intended to produce an exact copy of an animal or human. In the case of human cloning, this is done by fusing the human DNA into a human egg causing it to divide and grow. This often results into the creation of a copy of an individual. For many years, human dignity has been upheld because human beings are divine beings with peculiar features and capabilities. The development of the cloning technology risks diminishing the dignity of human beings, by creating copies of individuals. I am opposed to cloning because its consequence is the creation of copies of human beings, which undermines their dignity of because clones would be treated as mere copies of other persons (Morrey, 2002). Against Cloning Arguments I am against cloning as a process of making human beings on utility grounds. This is because of the process of creating a human being from the fusion of cells. In this regard, human beings have a dignity of life, existence, and autonomy. The fact that human cloning leads to the creation of copies of human being goes against the dignity of human existence as a special, unique, and un-identical being. The usefulness of human being as a unique being would diminish with the creation of copies of human beings. Permitting the cloning of human beings would diminish the value and dignity in existence and life of real human beings. This argument is

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