An Argument for Design

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Adam Hubert PHI 150 Dr. Peterson Intelligent Design October 27, 2013 Take a moment to think about the world around you and all of its beauty. From the ever flowing Mississippi River, to the ledges of the mighty Grand Canyon, or even to the peak of Mt. Fuji there is an immense amount of things on this Earth that are so incredible it is hard to believe science and chance created these magnificent things. So what is the best explanation for these occurrences? I believe that these occurrences scream of an intelligent designer which also leads us to the existence of God. First I must explain what an argument for design is and then we will look at Paley’s Watchmaker Theory to give us better insight on this argument. Then I will point…show more content…
Stafford Betty and Bruce Cordell states that because it is so unlikely that our universe was randomly generated, there must have been an intelligent designer. Betty and Cordell point to the calculations of many renowned scientist to show that our unique universe could not have existed if the slightest detail were any different than the way it is now. They state, “At this point we must ask ourselves what is easier to imagine and thus to believe; that the cosmos’ entire history should have arisen from this self-creating and self-explaining surd; or that a pre-existing mind and power of vast magnitude should have created the ingredients of the universe and triggered it at the Big Bang? The second alternative seems a little bit more likely… (Betty and Cordell 223).” This argument goes off of inference of the best explanation in the sense that logically it makes more sense and easier to believe that an intelligent designer created the universe rather than a random explosion of matter that started to expand and our universe was formed. This point also creates an objection though, where did God come from and how did he create everything ex nihilo, or out of nothing. The theist should properly respond to this objection by pointing to the definition of God, a wholly good and omnipotent being. So by our human perspective God or the intelligent designer should not be able to create himself, but remember by omnipotent he can do all, for he is all powerful so there is
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