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recent and then more of a design “classic” from 1992 [3]. Moreover, Tim Brown discussed in the Harvard Business Review in 2008 Design Thinking, [2] and, Jon Kolko wrote an article about 20 Design Thinking Comes of Age [2]. This gives a clear idea of different ways of Design Thinking. And Phil Brown recently discussed Why Design Thinking Conquered The World, [1] as well as, Steve Lennon discussed about Design Thinking [5]. The text, which is less relevant, is the Wicked Problems In Design Thinking as it is quite an outdated text book, but it is very influential indicates that it is either difficult or impossible to solve because of requirements or it 's incomplete that are often difficult to recognise. Overall, all these books and sources give applicable information what they believe an individual should do in the process of design thinking. Overview of Search Results The fact is, that visual research designs, sketchbooks and blogs are sources of inspiration for continual development of ideas. Design students are encouraged to keep personal blogs such as Tumblr and WordPress as a convenient and valuable vehicle for sharing their ideas and soliciting and receiving feedback online – an excessive source of development. On the other hand, sharing their inspiration online allows individuals to get started with some ideas. [6]. From all these sources, designers can progress with a wider understanding of how things have transformed. Design thinking has become a way of approaching
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