An Article By Arnett ( 2008 )

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A Response to Arnett 2008 In an article by Arnett (2008), he makes the assertion that American research psychologists are relying too heavily on research results that do not generalize to the majority of the population of the world. Primarily, his two points include; the predominance of American authors and editors found in American Psychological Association (APA) journals and how American research results do not consider cultural variation (Arnett, 2008). Arnett (2008) assumes that American psychologists rely heavily on research findings gleaned from sampled populations, as applicable to behavior of all human beings. Evidence used to support the claim of the author included an analysis of six APA journals encompassing a twenty-year time frame from 1988 to 2007 (Arnett, 2008). Findings from the analysis showed American authors made up a vast majority of published studies and particularly, undergraduate study samples were used most often (Arnett, 2008). Additionally, Arnett (2008) found the editors of the APA journals were nearly all associated with American research universities. Overall, Arnett (2008) makes a convincing case of American psychologists neglecting most of the world’s population with their research findings. However, his view of this topic is skewed and is evident with his exclusion of relevant information. While there is a genuine lack of cultural diversity in research findings in the United States, this is not due to a desire to exclude any group or
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