An Article By David Brooks

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A lot of children grow up without a parent in my case I didn’t really have either. When I was fifteen years old my mom and I were in a different place than where we are now. At the time she was working two jobs and was always gone. My sisters and I took care of ourselves. We learned how to be very independent, self-efficient, and responsible. There was this specific situation when she was dating this guy, and she gave my sisters and I a choice to either move in with her boyfriend and her or live on our own. My older sister and I decided to leave and live elsewhere. In this specific situation my actions disobeyed authority, but didn’t go against my own morals because I did it for all the right reasons for myself at the time. When I rebelled against my mother, I felt empowered and free from her rules and punishments. In “The Fallower Problem” an article by David Brooks he wrote “They reject hierarchies and leaders because they don’t believe in the concepts” (Brooks 593). At that time in my life I didn’t believe in what she was preaching. Now that I have a kid of my own I see everything from a new perspective that she was doing what she did for a reason. Her reasoning at the time might not have been what was best for me, but everything that happened afterwards were for a reason. After making the decision to leave it divided up my family in more ways than one. For a while, I always asked myself how could my mother do that to me, at that age, what did I do so wrong. My family
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